Vacuum or use an untreated dust mop on your floor regularly. This will keep the sand and grit off of your floor that may cause premature wear. Vacuum with soft bristle brushes only.
When sweeping, use a soft (nylon) bristle broom. Throw rugs that are cleaned on a regular basis are recommended in front of your kitchen sink and at each outside door.


Wipe up food and other spills immediately using a dampened (not soaking wet) cloth or paper towel. Regular cleaning should be done with Glitsa Clean which is specially formulated
to clean your finished floor. Follow directions on the bottle for correct application.
Glitsa Clean is available through Select Wood Floors.

No Waxing

Your finished floors should never need to be waxed. Do not use oils or waxes, or cleaners that have these properties, on your Glitsa finish. If wax or other treatments are applied,
re-coating may not be possible.

As your floor begins to show wear and does not clean easily, re-coating is recommended. Please contact  Select Wood Floors  when re-coating becomes necessary.

Know your Floor

Know what products were used to finish and clean your wood floor. Keep track of the dates (month/year) that the floor was installed, finished, refinished and/or repaired. Remember
the company name of your floor installer and finisher. When moving, leave the above information in the home.

                    Flooring company        - Select Wood Floors
                    Flooring                        - ________________
                    Products                       - ________________
                    Date work completed    - ________________

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance may be the most important factor in determining the longevity of your wood floor finish.

  • Place walk off mats in entry ways and near sink areas to minimize the amount of dirt and water that comes in contact with your floor.
  • Check your chair legs and other pieces of furniture and attach felt pad floor protectors to all furniture that will come in contact with your wood floor.
  • Keep high heel shoes in good repair. Heels that have lost their protective cap can cause little indentations in any floor surface, even concrete!
  • Keep pet claws trimmed.
  • Do not over-water plants. Soil, fertilizers, and plant foods may have chemicals in them that could damage your floors
  • Soft rubber (shoe soles, toy wheels, etc.) will leave marks on the floor. Most of these marks can be rubbed out, but should be avoided if possible.

Post Application Tips

A minimum of 24 hours is recommended before returning to the residence. Providing good ventilation will minimize the odor and help the floor finish cure faster. You can generally
walk on the floor after 24 hours. However, you should use your floors with care for the first two weeks after application. The more gentle you are on the floor during this time, the more
satisfaction you will get from your floors for years to come.


Allow two to three days before placing furniture on the floor. Do not drag or slide the furniture into place. Install felt pad floor protectors on furniture legs before replacing furniture.


Allow two to three weeks before putting carpets or rugs on the floor. If covered prematurely, finishes may discolor.


Do not use water or any cleaning substances on the floor for the first two to three weeks.
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